Lyrics To Jay wheely’s single yauwa


[Yauwa!!], Nigerian boy, that one in a million voice, let me here you say, [Yauwa!!]

You dont really want this on a low, you dont really want this on a low lets go [Yauwa!!!] x2


I got that one mic thrill,

one strike ill, never to kiss ass for a one time deal,

serially kill, mcees for real, bring beef i grill, eat’em up as a meal, yo

Am on point like an exclamation,

i got you all waiting on ma next occasion,

inspiring flow with a mad sensation,

put me on air and imma wreck the station,

you go think say na play when i say am the way to portray true hip hop today,

look up to me or get ripped of the play,

disciple ma shit or get kicked off the stage, like

drop down and let the realest man spit, {Mehn Spit!!!}

Drop down and let the mehn bring hit {Bring Hit!!!}

drop down and get a flavour for a bit, the funeral of a beat, Jay wheely back on this shit



Na ji wey ban da hadi, abun mamaki, baban labari, girma babu taki,

got ma light shining Zaki, break of silence with violence toh zaua ka ji tadi,

lay back for rap, playback the track, see i got the flavour craig mack is back,

cant stop me am crack, put ma town on the map, i can eat lobster but am alergic to crab,

you go know sey ma flow no dey go below par coz i can make hits in a row,

beast on the go, make cheese on the low, from j city to lago beefin to blow yo,

grab the mic and best groove is on deck, [on deck!!]

no nikee but am getting all check, [all check!!]

i understand this fellas upset, but why you wanna face me is what i dont get





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