JosChillin Photos of Ice Prince Home-coming to Jos Plateau

Ice Prince is unarguably one of the biggest rap stars in Africa right now, but no matter what success has come his way, he outright refuses to forget where he came from. No matter how big Ice Prince gets, he keeps finding ways to represent and uplift his hometown Jos, Nigeria.

The Plateau state municipality affectionately known as “J Town” was one of the key characters in Ice Prince’s breakthrough in his music career. Ice Prince does more than just talk about his city. He works to give back, as well. He has donated loads of money to people, worked on anti-gang violence initiatives and actually visited high schools and tertiary institutes to meet with students personally. Only a hero does that.

So, it makes perfect sense that when the time came to make an album, he decided to name the album #JosToTheWorld. An Album that is pretty much unpretentious about its intentions, its a project from his heart.

He was welcomed in a grand style by the people of Jos on the 3rd of November 2016, everyone was reciting his songs and showering him love as he walks on the streets sharing his album to people. He was together with Blackah of Naija Ninjas, D Boy, Nanle Bishmang, Lyrical Dr. Smith, Sneaker Boi, BanuClean, Seemo da black Czar,

P.K, Da Key among others.


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